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A Smoothie Opportunity

December 24, 2015
Planet Smoothie is the type of store that one walks into simply because they are curious and stays because they know it must be worth checking out. They are the home of the “best tasting smoothie on the planet”, which must have some basis for being claimed, because Planet Smoothie has grown by leaps and bounds since being founded. Today, Planet Smoothie has more than one-hundred stores spread all across the United States. This is because once a customer tries the best tasting smoothie on the planet, they have to come back to get more.

Planet Smoothie is currently offering a truly exciting opportunity to anyone who is an entrepreneur and is interested in owning their own business. Planet Smoothie is a company that utilizes a franchising system to ensure that independent entrepreneurs or teams of business-people can run their locations while Planet Smoothie ensures that they can maintain the brand standard. If you are interested in being your own boss and owning a store that already has strong brand awareness nationwide and a strong support system, then you should look into contacting Planet Smoothie about becoming a franchise owner. Planet Smoothie is part of the Kahala Brands family, which means that stores have access to a world-class support system of resources, enabling each store to realize its potential as quickly and as effectively as possible.